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Want to send in your creation ?

Just send them to therebirth archive.
Don't forget to mention the author's name and the full name of the song (as that sometimes gets cut off to 8 chars)...

Please make sure the homepage you mention in the songinfo does not contain any cracks, warez or links to any of these kind of sites. Your song will then not be accepted !!!

DanceNet encourages people to actually buy ReBirth. How much does a hardware 303 cost ? The price you pay is not just for the box itself, also for the development. Just because ReBirth is software, does not mean it didn't cost any money, it just saves you money buying hardware. If you wish to evaluate ReBirth, don't use a cracked version. Use the demo version. It's free, it's legal and you are allowed to use it as long as you want. Get it by clicking on the "Get ReBirth NOW!" icon at the top right of your screen !

Alternatively you can use snail mail as well, our address is:

DanceNet, attn. Rebirth Archive
Westerstijfselmakerspad 25 b
1511 BA Oostzaan
The Netherlands

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